We have negotiated reduced accommodation rates with two resorts that are adjacent to each other: Shanty Creek Resorts and Hawk’s Eye Golf Resort. Both resorts offer several types of housing such as houses, cottages, condominiums, and lodge rooms which are spread out about three miles from the Cedar River Village Lodge, which is where services, seminars, and other activities are going to be held. Some housing units are closer to the Cedar River Village Lodge than other units.

Shuttle Service – Shanty Creek Resorts has a shuttle service that is available to Feastgoers who are staying at housing units that are included in our contract agreement with both the Shanty Creek and Hawk’s Eye resorts. The shuttle service is available from 8am-11pm, 7 days a week. To request shuttle service, please call 231-533-3000 ext. 7690.

IMPORTANT: We have created a housing spreadsheet for each resort to summarize your housing options and make it easier for you to evaluate them. We also have done our best to make sure it as accurate as possible. However, if you have questions about the information on the housing spreadsheet or that might be missing from the housing spreadsheet (e.g., how many beds, what types of bed, how many are allowed to sleep in the housing unit, etc.), we strongly recommend that you call the resort whose housing unit you have questions about. The main phone numbers for the resorts are:

Shanty Creek Resorts – (866) 695-5010

Hawk’s Eye Golf Resort – (231) 533-8123


Shanty Creek Resorts  ( http://shantycreek.com/ )

Making a Housing Reservation for Shanty Creek Resorts Accommodations

To reserve housing for Shanty Creek Resorts, please fill out the Shanty Creek Reservation Form you received with your Registration Confirmation email.  Click here for the Shanty Creek Reservation Form. Then, mail or fax or email the completed form to that address stated on the form:

Reservations Department
Shanty Creek Resorts, 5780 Shanty Creek Road
Bellaire, MI  49615

Fax Phone Number: 231-533-7004)
Email address:

Someone from the Shanty Creek Resorts Reservation Office will call you and help you complete your housing reservation. Again, a reminder, please confirm all the important details about the lodging you have selected.

Housing Available

Note: Not all housing you see on the Shanty Creek Resorts website is available to us. Only the housing in the Shanty Creek Resorts Housing Spreadsheet.

Hawk’s Eye Golf Resort
http://www.golfbellaire.com )

Making a Housing Reservation for Hawk’s Eye Golf Resort Accommodations

To reserve housing for Hawk’s Eye Golf Resort, please call the Reservations Office Phone number (888-275-0100 or 231-533-8123you received with your Registration Confirmation email. Let them know you are with Church of God Fellowship group. Again, a reminder, please confirm all the details about the site you have chosen to stay in.

Housing Available

Note: Not all housing you see on the Hawk’s Eye Golf Resort website is available to us. Only the housing in the Hawk’s Eye Housing Spreadsheet.